Body Contouring

Does Body Contouring Work?

Celebrities love body contouring procedures such as mesotherapy and liposuction. The likes of Star Jones and Courtney Love have been taking advantage of these unique body-transforming technologies. But with all the hype surrounding body contouring procedures, it’s hard to know which ones actually work and which ones don’t. Though most experts agree that diet and exercise are still probably the best way to slim and tone the body, some contouring procedures still might be worth considering. Read on for an overview of the most common body contouring procedures—including which ones you should consider, and which ones you shouldn’t even give a second thought to.

The Scoop on the Hottest Body Contouring Procedures


VelaShape is the only FDA-approved device that effectively and safely contours, shapes and slims the body by reducing cellulite and firming problem areas in as little as four treatments. VelaShape features a revolutionary combination of Bi-Polar Radiofrequency, Infrared Light Energy, plus Vacuum and Mechanical Massage. The science behind these revolutionary technologies is nothing short of amazing. The precise heating ensures a safe, effective, fast treatment with no downtime. Vacuum and specially designed rollers for the Mechanical Massage smooth out the skin to facilitate safe and efficient heat energy delivery. The net result increases the metabolism of stored energy, increases lymphatic drainage and reduces the size of fat cells and fat chambers.

The end result? The gradual smoothing of the skin’s surface with a noticeable reduction in cellulite as well as circumferential reduction, with noticeable reshaping of the treated area. Simply put, VelaShape works. People in clinical trials experienced an average of half an inch to full three inches of circumferential reduction in treated areas after a series of four treatments. What’s more, their cellulite was reduced by up to 63%. Another clinical study showed that 85% of patients saw their thighs shrink up to three inches. These results alone ensure that VelaShape is one of the most cutting-edge beauty technologies on the market.


A body contouring technique that originated in France, mesotherapy involves injecting substances into layers of fat and connective tissue under the skin. The injected substances may include anti-inflammatory medications, enzymes, nutrients, antibiotics, and hormones. Mesotherapy may break down fat and bring a slight improvement in the appearance of cellulite. But it also carries substantial risks including swelling, infection and irregular contours. Most clinical studies on mesotherapy have shown inconclusive results. In one particular study, ten people underwent four sessions of facial mesotherapy using multivitamins at monthly intervals. This study found that there was no clinically relevant benefit.  The verdict: It’s best to steer clear of mesotherapy altogether.


Zerona is a non-invasive body contouring procedure that removes excess fat without the negative side effects associated with surgical methods. Zerona uses the same cold laser technology developed by Erchonia, which has been shown to emulsify fat, allowing it to move to interstitial spaces in the body. Although this technology was originally used to help assist tumescent liposuction procedures, it was found that the cold laser treatment alone helped patients to reduce inches from their waist, hip and thighs.

So how does Zerona work exactly? By releasing the cellular contents of fat cells while leaving the capillaries and other cells within the interstitial space intact. The release of the fat cell content is the result of the disruption of the cell’s membrane, and the fat cell contents are then passed through the body during its normal course of detoxification. Clinical studies show that Zerona works. On average, people lost 3.64 inches from the circumference of their waist, hips and thighs. And because Zerona is non-invasive, there’s absolutely no downtime involved.


A non-invasive body contouring procedure, CoolSculpting targets fat cells alone, eliminating them in an easy, non-intrusive way. Its cold laser technology destroys fat cells by freezing them all while causing a numbing sensation. Results can take two to four months to appear, and some people experience redness, mild pain, and bruising for a few days afterward. The best candidates for CoolSculpting are those who aren’t significantly overweight but have some localized areas of fat that they’d like to get rid of on the abdomen, hips, or thighs. Unfortunately, not a lot of clinical trials have been conducted with CoolSculpting, so it’s too early to tell whether this body contouring procedure is worth the time and money.


Liposuction, the most commonly performed body contouring procedure, removes fat from your body using mechanical suction. During liposuction, small, thin, blunt-tipped tubes are inserted through tiny cuts in the skin. Fat is suctioned out through these tubes as the doctor moves the tubes around under the skin to target specific fat deposits. Liposuction is usually very effective at removing fat deposits in small areas.

Keep in mind, however, that if you regain weight after having liposuction, the fatty bulges that were removed are likely to return or may appear in a different place. Because liposuction is an invasive procedure, significant downtime is involved as well as an increased risk of complications. After liposuction, you may have to wear compression garments for three to four weeks, and you can expect a lot of bruising and swelling for at least the first seven to ten days. Fluid may also drain from the incision sites for several days. You may be given antibiotics to reduce the risk of infection. Other risks and complications include swelling, soreness, numbness, scarring or baggy skin.


Thermage is a revolutionary non-invasive treatment for aging skin that uses focused radio-frequency energy to strengthen collagen in the skin. More specifically, radiofrequency energy penetrates the skin’s tissue, heating the treatment areas and remodeling existing collagen while encouraging new collagen production. Thermage is especially effective on crepey, sagging skin as well as on unwanted bulges and dimples.

Science supports Thermage’s impressive results. In clinical trials, participants experienced significant improvement in skin laxity. Recently published studies also show that improvements continue for at least six months after a single Thermage treatment session. Other studies show that thermal collagen changes can last several years, depending on the rate of the aging process. The best thing about Thermage? Only one treatment is needed, and there’s no downtime involved.


SmartLipo is similar to liposuction, but SmartLipo uses a high-powered laser to destroy and break down fat cells. It also stimulates the production of elastin and collagen, which can help tighten the skin. Though SmartLipo is only semi-permanent (weight gain can cause the fat to return), the procedure is mostly used to treat body fat that is more resistant to traditional diet and exercise. The recovery time is significantly less than traditional liposuction, and many patients are able to return to their normal activities within a day or two. SmartLipo has been deemed safe and effective by the FDA, and clinical studies have shown that SmartLipo has comparable results to traditional liposuction.

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